Out of Space, Out of Mind

I was out of space in my studio/writing room and the longer it took me to accomplish its reorganization, the more it was bugging me out of my mind.  It was a long time coming and though a previous picture of my partial progress encouraged me to finish, it still took awhile this summer.  Here is the other half of my sanctuary, all the piles gone, the space I’ve been enjoying beyond words the past few weeks.  Finally, my creative side has fertile ground in which to be inspired!

This quest for a room of my own is a process that has taken years, really. I went from a desk in the livingroom of our first home when the kids were babies then toddlers, to claiming the intended formal diningroom in our current home during their school years, to this spare bedroom turned studio with a door that actually closes to keep the noise out.  Ironically, there isn’t much noise now that the nest is empty, so I don’t necessarily need it now like I needed it then.  My creative space was always in the midst of the hullabaloo.  Nevertheless, I will enjoy this room of my own since I have wanted it and waited for it for so long. I still have two dogs and a cat causing hullabaloos that make me glad I have a door to close when the time is right and the creative juices are stirring.

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