It’s hard to believe that a year has flown by since my beautiful daughter got married!  Happy First Anniversary, Sophia and Frankie!  Congratulations and may God bless your love to last a lifetime!!!  

It was actually May 9, 2010 and on a perfect Mother’s Day that my baby girl (sorry, honey, you will always be that brown-eyed, curly haired free spirit sitting on my lap) said “I do” and we are very blessed that Frankie is a wonderful husband to her and son-in-law to us.  Oh sure, they will have their ups and downs, but I pray they will always land on their feet, holding each other, through thick and thin.  In  just a few months we have two more weddings to look forward to, both sons getting married to beautiful, amazing women and we can’t wait to add two more daughters to our lives!  What unbelievable blessings have been bestowed and we, Pedro and I, are so grateful!