Do not lose hope!

SavedPicture(69)  …like a white feather amidst the rocks of life, do not lose hope for the plans God has in store!  I don’t know who will read these words, but somebody needs them.  From Joy and Strength by Mary Tileston for tomorrow, February 17:

“I the Lord have called thee in righteousness, and will hold thine hand, and will keep thee.” Isaiah xlii. 6.

“Don’t be content with spending all your time on your faults, but try to get a step nearer to God.  It is not He who is far away from us, be we from Him.  If you ask me the best means to persevere, I would say, if you have succeeded in getting hold of Almighty God’s hand, don’t let it go.  Keep hold of Him by constantly renewing ejaculatory prayers to Him, acts of desire, and the seeking to please Him in little things.” Mother Francis Raphael

“Strive to be as a little child who, while its mother holds its hand, goes on fearlessly, and is not disturbed because it stumbles and trips in its weakness.  So long as God holds you up by the will and determination to serve Him with which He inspires you, go on boldly and do not be frightened at your little checks and falls, so long as you can throw yourself into His arms in trusting love.  Go there with an open, joyful heart as often as possible; if not always joyful, at least go with a brave and faithful heart.”  St. Francis De Sales

Of course, it is quite possible that I need to read these words and not lose hope too!