Healing Springs


Illustration, pen and ink with watercolor for Tilly the Churchyard Cat.

I wish I could toss a penny into a pond like this and have my wish come true.  I wish I could draw a cup of cool water from a healing spring and give it to someone special who needs to be healed.  I wish and more importantly, I pray.  Both are my heart’s cry for God to stir the healing waters with His Spirit and bless my dear, sweet mom with a drink from His cup of Life.  She is in the hospital again, fighting the battle of her life against cancer.  I hope she wouldn’t mind my writing this and asking for good wishes and prayers for her restoration.  Many people think their mothers are the most special, the best of the best and that is a true blessing if one feels that way about their mom.  My life has been blessed beyond measure by her unconditional love, constant support, positive outlook, her faith in God, her strength and will to live and her giving nature that cares more for the good of others than herself but in balance with taking care of herself.

I can’t know God’s will in this situation but I do pray for His will and perfect timing in all things.  I know she is held in the palm of His Hand and I do hope that her time on earth will be prolonged so we can enjoy her presence in our lives for as long as possible and so she can meet my grandaughter who will enter the world around Christmas!  Sweet Jesus, please have mercy, bless and heal our mom, grandma, your daughter Lois.  Her five children (ten counting devoted sons’ and daughters-in-law) and their families that include nineteen (soon to be twenty-one so really, totaling twenty-seven counting spouses) grandchildren and six great grandchildren (soon to be seven) are all praying for her healing and trust in Your good will no matter what.

“The Shepherd knows what pastures are best for His Sheep, and they must not question nor doubt, but trustingly follow Him.  Perhaps He sees that the best pastures for some of us are to be found in the midst of opposition and earthly trials.  If He leads you there, you may be sure they are green for you, and you will grow and be made strong by feeding there.  Perhaps He sees that the best waters for you to walk beside will be raging waves of trouble and sorrow.  If this should be the case, He will make them still waters for you, and you must go and lie down beside them, and let them have all their blessed influences upon you.”  Hannah Whitall Smith

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