Hello! Thank you for visiting my website/blog!  I am a writer, an artist, and an art therapist searching for ways to express what inspires, moves, or transforms me to love, to grow, and to appreciate the wonders and beauty of a life lived more fully, captured in Snippets and Snatches.  These desires for a creative life are challenged by the demands of working and family life that should be easier to balance with three children grown and married and with the proverbial empty nest upon me. I am enjoying the blessings of grandchildren who are inspiring the inner child in me anew.  Faith and hope undergird me and God’s mercy and grace have sustained me through many challenging seasons of my life, helping me overcome obstacles and opening my heart to be a more compassionate, forgiving human being.  I want to connect with others who appreciate the journey, thankful for the blessings and looking for strength to face life’s challenges.

I know there may be some interested in professional qualifications and though this website is about fulfilling creative passions, I think it worthy to mention that I have been writing for over twenty-five years, and have been an artist even longer than that since I was a child.  This path has not YET led me to publication but if God wills it, someday it will.  I studied art and psychology and got my bachelors in that from West Virginia Wesleyan then went on to get my masters degree in art therapy from the University of Louisville.  I worked many years in the counseling field doing art therapy whenever possible with children and families.  I worked as an arts coordinator for outreach/education programs in North Charleston, SC for nearly a decade. I am pursuing my creative dreams and will see private clients for art therapy.  I have lived in the greater Charleston, SC area for thirty years and was born and raised in Washington, Pa, part of the greater Pittsburgh area.

I  believe in the healing process of art and creativity as God-given gifts that can help each person grow spiritually to wholeness and a healthier life.  I believe each person has to find their best tools for dealing with those challenges and also to express their unique gifts.  The tools in my toolbag are prayer, art, writing, playing the flute, walking in nature, and, most of all, the love of family and friends that enables me to love others.  I have lost my tool bag or some of the tools in it at different points in my life but these are the means by which I find my way home every time.  I have been supportive of many at critical points of their struggles and joys.  Likewise, some have been there for me in the midst of my own struggles and joys.  I am forever grateful to each one but most of all to my husband and best friend, Pedro, and to our wonderful children, Jason, Corey, and Sophia.

Peace and Blessings!

Nancy Rodriguez

Please feel free to contact me regarding my work.  I offer workshops on art, creativity and spirituality, journaling, mandalas and am available to work with individuals using art therapy as a tool to explore personal growth issues.


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