Collage detail…

The other night we went to a performance called The Acoustic Porch that is hosted by a local singer, Ann Caldwell, and she pre-invites a few guest artists to join her on stage. I was impressed with a courageous girl with blonde pigtails and a purple guitar who sang Route 66 and a song by Taylor Swift. She has been singing and playing guitar since she was all of 3 and now she’s a whopping 8, embarking on a music career and who knows what else with gumption like that pouring out of her like a water spout.

Regretfully, I admit that I am more like the little girl in the collage when it comes to acts of bravery such as performing on stage. I just want to scream and run away. Courage has come to me many times when I have been asked to play my flute but I haven’t played in awhile and wonder if I’ve lost my gumption. I have no desire for a music career, just love the flute and enjoy making music with others when the occasions arise. I can think of other ways some extra doses of courage would help me overcome my fears and find myself. As an old African proverb I read recently puts it: “God does not swat flies away from tailless cows.”


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