Of Frosts and Fires…

Leave it to Queen Callie, the calico cat, to investigate the slightest change in her kingdom and make her disapproval loudly known.  A week or so ago autumn’s first night of frost warnings prompted her loyal subjects to make some changes in the palace.  Pedro built a fire in the den for romance and warmth, and I moved the plants in from the porch to avoid frostbite.  I am trying really hard to overcome my past history of plant neglect and I hope this first attempt will help me rehabilitate my not-so-green thumb and turn over a new leaf! (Pun intended, of course!) However, the indoor greenhouse in the foyer has caused a domino effect because the bench where the plants are is the spot I used to keep the Queen’s bowl of food.  The food was moved to higher ground on top of the piano, in part to keep three large dogs from emptying the bowl when we aren’t looking.  This change has been very distressing to the Queen.  She whines to her loyal subjects and throws herself across our path as we try to get out the front door demanding that her palace be restored to order.  So what if she has to jump up on the keyboard and play a few tunes to get her food?  It is more disturbing to us in the middle of the night when we hear her strange music like she’s the phantom of the opera, until we figure out that we are not having strange dreams, just living in a strange kingdom at the mercy of a finicky Queen.  I did see her laying on the fireplace watching the flames dance and looking quite content so maybe there’s hope for peace in the land once more. 


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