Tools in My Tool Bag

It has been a long time since posting in this blog. My life has been rather full of unexpected occurrences and my time has been occupied with bittersweet changes. Stress has been a familiar companion (though unwelcomed) and I have found myself relying on tried and true tools for coping that have worked well for me throughout many seasons of change. When I worked as an art therapist, I often used the metaphor of “tools in my tool bag” for helping clients identify healthy coping skills to deal with stress, anxiety, and depression. Each person is unique and the tools or methods one develops to become healthier will most likely reflect varied interests, skills, talents, and personality traits.  It is important to discover those tools and carry them with you in a metaphorical toolbag that represents your life journey.

The image shown above depicts some of the tools in my tool bag helping me recently to cope and to grow in trying times. Playing the flute helps me tremendously because of the breathing involved and the state of relaxation required to bring forth a good tone in the music I play. Sometimes a song is inspired and I try to bring it to life by writing it down. When I play it is always helpful to have a cup of coffee nearby and especially in a favorite blue cup that lifts my spirit along with the music and the caffeine.  Sometimes the music that helps me the most is to play favorite hymns and pray as I play.

I have other tools in my tool bag that also help me and they include making art, writing, walking, and spending time with loved ones.  It is my hope that you find what works for you to find peace in trying times. I ask this question frequently and it is worth repeating: “What’s in your tool bag?”


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  1. Cyndi Musgrave
    Sep 11, 2017 @ 01:13:51

    That’s really helpful & brings peace in times of uncertainty. Thanks for sharing your insights & faithfulness. Love you Sis.


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