Funny Faces and New Places

SavedPicture(70) This is a moment in time when a funny face was caught on camera just before Corey was ready to turn and run down that mountain trail to a new place, one he’d never seen before.  My son was known for his wacky humor, quirky faces and had a special gift for making us all laugh.  I love his attitude here too…a little sassy for the camera and unafraid of what lies ahead.  Now that adventuresome spirit sometimes got him into trouble or predicaments and he needed a close eye watching over him because he didn’t always know if his next move would involve danger or harm.  But somehow with God’s grace and protection (definitely his guardian angel got paid overtime!) and for the moments when his parents couldn’t be everywhere every second, he has grown into the most admirable and loving man, devoted to his beautiful wife Sarah, forging ahead on a trail to their future.

Today Corey celebrates his 26th birthday and I wish him so much happiness it makes my heart ache.  Life has so many twists and turns, unexpected joyful surprises or moments of pain can await us just around the next bend.  I hope for this adventurous spirit to continue to lead him with lots of funny faces and journeys to new and exciting places.  And may he always know the guiding Hand of our Creator, ready to pick him up lest he trip or fall running up or down the mountain trail of life.  Happy Birthday, son!

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  1. Pedro Rodriguez
    Nov 12, 2013 @ 18:11:31

    Beautifull!!!! (Not a typo)


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