A New Season

download (1)I welcome the new season of life that gives me a beautiful baby grandaughter to hold!  My friends saw this picture on my phone and thought I was praying for Carmen.  Well, I have been praying for her A LOT but at the moment my husband snapped this I was watching tv.  Not such an intentional holy moment as it might seem and yet every moment with her, with any baby IS holy.  I have been far removed from the daily world of babies since my own were little and suddenly I am immersed once more in the miraculous moments of babydom.  But, oh, how things have changed!

Did you know that newborn diapers have velcro tabs now and a line that turns blue on the outside if the diaper is wet?!  I kept thinking I ruined the tab trying to open it to the sticky stuff like on Christmas bows.  Sophia had to show me and I was amazed.  Oh and I had no idea what a boppy was, or a snugli or a diaper genie…thought that was someone who magically appeared out of a strange looking container to change the baby’s diaper!  I never had the baby monitors but those sure come in handy.  Now bumper pads in cribs are not safe…thank God my children didn’t suffocate on theirs, I had no idea!  And back then babies could sleep on their bellies but now they are propped slightly tilted on their side with a rolled blanket to support their back.  Oh, and boy did I forget how to swaddle a baby in a blanket…thank God that nice nurse in the hospital walked us through it.  I am so rusty and sure hope I can come into grandmotherhood without too much trouble!  I am in love and simply enjoying this new bundle of joy!!

Oh, and guess what?  There is another grandchild on the way with my son and daughter-in-law this summer!  By then I should be an expert in the ways of modern babydom!  Or, at least, I won’t feel like such a newby grandma.

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