Be Still!

This image is of a lace wall hanging that has hung on the bedroom door of my mom’s assisted living suite since I gave it to her and my dad as a gift several years ago.  It was one of the things my niece thought to bring over to my mom’s rehab room to make her more comfortable a few weeks ago.  She hung it on her bulletin board at the foot of her bed amidst family photos and get well cards.  Mom was only there a few days before she had to go back to the hospital and the room had to be cleared out for the next person.  But while she was there we talked about this lace wall hanging, how she would stare at it at night when she couldn’t sleep after dad was gone and it brought her such peace.  I need to stare at it now and hear God’s whisper, “Be Still…”

The problem is I’m sort of hard-headed and lost  in a mind sea of turbulent thoughts.  I need to hear God more clearly at this moment while I am waiting for news in the predawn darkness about mom, on her way to the emergency room again after just arriving to the rehab center yesterday.  She was in the hospital nearly two weeks and yesterday the doctors thought she was well enough to discharge her.  In fact, I was staring at this photo when I got the call from my sister that mom was on the way to the hospital.  Hundreds of miles away, there is nothing I can do but wait and pray.  I woke up at three unable to sleep for some reason.  I read my devotions and prayed before sleeplessness led me to the distractions of Facebook and Pinterest.  Sometimes I forget to pray first, surf later but this morning was the right start and somehow I was reminded of this photo,  “Be still and know that I am God!”  It was on my computer screen when my sister called.  I don’t know if God approves of shouting but it might help right now to hear Him order me with the firmness of my dad when I was little to “Be Still!  Be Still and KNOW that I am GOD!”  In other words, I need to trust Him now more than ever.

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