Pieces in the Puzzle of Life

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Some years ago my husband and I led a youth art project at a local arts festival called MOJA.  We called it We Are All Pieces in the Puzzle of Life and it was a very engaging and interactive community arts project.  I have been thinking about the many ways the arts have the power to inspire creativity in children and to build self-confidence. I am in the midst of summer arts camps at work and as the kids painted their sets for a play I remembered the puzzle art project.  I am enjoying the kids, even if I am tired from all the messy fun of making art!  While I don’t think I could teach children all day long, it sure helps me appreciate those who do!  The joy of watching children learn and the adventures that result from their boundless energy is the reward.  It’s not just a trite saying that children are the future, they truly are!

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