Fall Glory

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Where is the glory in this autumn season when leaves fall and the earth prepares for the deadness of winter? The light dance of golden leaves torn from their branches by icy winds seems silent and cold. They fall to the creek and float out with the tides to join the mammoth river without choice or say in the direction they must take. It seems a sad, lonely fate has befallen them all. It is possible to ignore or deny the obvious signs that the leaves are telling us: Change is on the way! All I have to do is close my eyes or look the other way because it hurts too much to watch so many little deaths. It seems the natural world is falling apart in autumn and in some places, at least, it happens in a blaze of color. Whether I choose to notice or not the seasons are going to change and life will be different once again. Instead of denying the inevitable I might as well embrace and appreciate the beauty in each season of life’s journey. The old passes away and the hope of new life is born. This happens to all things and to all life in God’s time not mine. There IS glory in the fall!

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