A Day in the Park

I miss these babies and the frequent trips to playgrounds or the duck pond to feed the ducks.  I am grateful that they have grown up quite nicely and all are married and living their own lives.  Still it is hard to accept the quieter house and the need to let go of a lot of stuff that has piled up over the years with three kids.  Photos like these will always remain and remind me of happy days in the park or at home.

Now a day in the park seems like a walk in the park.  You may not be able to tell from the picture but I vaguely recall Corey and Sophia were fighting over who was going to hold the new puppy, Sassy, for the family Christmas photo.  I choose to dwell on the joy and love, not the inevitable conflict that comes with young children.   I sometimes eat my lunch at the duck pond, to escape the conflicts of the adult work world and breathe in the fresh air and the beauty of nature.   In honor of our many adventures in the parks, this week I will bring some old bread with me to feed the ducks and the geese.  Even the ducks and geese have to deal with conflicts and though they will never learn to share, as I hope my kids have by now, I can still support God’s creatures and throw extra pieces of bread to the ones left out of the feeding frenzy.  I am a champion of the underducks of the world and believe sometimes we all need a little help fighting for our morsels of bread and our place in the world.

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