I can’t believe my firstborn son will be married in two weeks!!!  I had a great time visiting with Jason and his beautiful fiancee’ Vickie this week on their vacation to SC.  The time ended with a trip to Cypress Gardens where we took a boat ride through the black swamp.  We had a great time, even if they (that would be Pedro and Jason) did try to scare me by going off the boat “trail” to look for alligators!  Thankfully, we didn’t see a single one!  And we didn’t get lost either!  I guess they taught me a lesson about taking risks but I wonder what they would have done if we’d met an alligator!  One of my favorite pictures was the mandala bridge…or so I named it because the reflection in the water made a circle.  Now starts the countdown to TWO sons’ weddings (secondborn son, Corey, marries beautiful Sarah in 40 days!) and the bridges they will cross into their futures that I pray will be bright and full of love and adventure.  


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