This was an awesome sight, driving around the Charleston/North Charleston area to see Pedro’s painting “Strings” on billboards for the North Charleston Arts Festival!  He is too humble to post this joyous moment in his life but I am so proud of him I have to share as he calls it his “fifteen minutes of fame” quoting Andy Warhol.  A friend said “May you have many more fifteen minutes of fame then!”  I concur, wholeheartedly!  True friends are the ones genuinely happy for you when something wonderful happens to you and when the going is rough they are the ones still standing by no matter what.

I heard there were 13 billboards around the area and we probably only saw 3 but one day I made a point to bring my camera and take a picture of one before they all disappear off the side of the roads.  It wasn’t too risky and I was very careful.  Pedro doesn’t know I got a picture so if he ever checks his FB account he will be very surprised!!  Go Pedro!  You are an awesome artist! 


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