My Dad…the legacy of a life well lived, much loved, whose lessons continue and last from generation to generation.  Two years ago today he left us and oh how he is missed.  Blessed moments once shared are remembered with love and gratitude.  He wasn’t perfect, he never claimed to be, but he was kind, honest, faithful to God, witty, loving, and strong.  He could be stubborn but it was born of conviction to stand for what was right no matter who didn’t like to hear it.  He was a guiding light who loved beauty and captured it through the camera lens.  He loved music and planted the seeds of music in all his children through blaring records of many genres, classical and big band the most.  I love these pictures that show him as a young newlywed, patriotic serviceman, and then devoted Grandpa surrounded by some of his generational legacy.  Yep, this is my Dad and I am proud to be his daughter.   


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