Resolution Rebellion

Is my rebelliousnous toward making New Year’s resolutions the sign of a middle-aged frustration with making unsuccessful change in my life?  I WANT to jump on the bandwagon, really I doooo!  I want to be healthier and wealthier and wiser, I DOOOO!  But why then does all this advice on making and KEEPING resolutions grate on my last nerve? Oh, Dr. Oz, just shut up!  First, the commercialized emphasis on living it up and INDULGING during the holidays that has bombarded me since well before Halloween by now has me rationalizing the extra cookie, the extra glass of egg nog with kahlua, the extra 5 pounds, buying an extra pair of shoes for myself, and the avoidance of taking the steps over the elevator to my office.  Now, SUDDENLY since January 2, the same folks are pushing the yoga mats up front at Wal-Mart, color-coordinated plastic storage containers to organize my life, the diet books, the vitamins, the gym memberships, and the heart-healthy check-ups we MUST have to assure our next breath.  Okay, let me say Dr. Oz, Wizard of Perfection, has definitely been promoting health conscious steps throughout this onslaught of indulgence but…Blah, Blah, Blah!

If I make any resolutions it will likely be to turn off the television, stay off FB (ok, that would be hard for me), avoid on-line newspapers, and don’t shop at Wal-Mart for a year.  I think if I IGNORE all the talk of measurable goals, disciplined actions, and reducing stress that I will indeed BE less stressed!  I have a huge book called ”1000 Ways to Simplify Your Life” but I’ve never read it because it stresses me out to even look at it!  I mean, really, if it takes some OCD author to think of a 1000 ways to simplify her life why am I even going to attempt one of them? 

Have we really lost our common sense that we need so many EXPERTS telling us how to live and we can’t think for ourselves anymore?  If I did turn off that tv and stayed off the internet newspapers I bet my culturally-induced anxiety will drop significantly to where my neck stops hurting, I pray more, I play more, I finish more novels than I start, I have time to write, I feel like connecting with nature and taking those once-loved walks.  I like the sounds of it but I’m NOT resolving to do it…I just want to enjoy each day, grateful for LIFE and appreciate the blessings and love that have been the wind beneath my flabby wings for a lifetime.

Post-Note:  Out of curiosity I pulled the huge book off the shelf and took a closer look.  It’s actually UNDER 1000 pages (858 to be exact) ”The Simplicity Reader,” three books in one, by Elaine St. James and each has 100 suggestions to: “Simplify Your Life”, “Inner Simplicity” and “Living the Simple Life”.  I’m no math whiz but that’s a total of 300 things, so if I shoot for pondering one a day I will still have 65 days left in the year to be imperfect or lazy.  Of course, I won’t implement them all (already #6 Plant a Garden has me laughing!) but I think I can manage to find something helpful (here’s one I like, #25 Turn Off the TV!) …maybe it’s time to turn off the tv and the internet and READ a book!

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