Inspiration Cannot Be Caged…Mixed Media detail…Did you know there are 9 Muses in Greek Mythology?  They each have a special gift and purpose to inspire creativity in mere mortals like me.  I made this wintry painting/collage about the Snowflake Woman whose snowflake hair symbolizes the uniqueness of the individual artist whose voice cannot be squelched by oppression.  The redbirds flying around her head are creative ideas and from this particular issue of Skirt magazine last year there was an article on the Muses of Greek Mythology.  I chose four that inspire me the most, whose names you can find under the redbirds: Calliope, means “Beautiful Voice” and she is the patron of epic poetry; Erato, means “Passionate” or ”Lovely” and she is the patron of lyric poetry about love and eroticsim; Euterpa, means “Rejoicing Well” and she is the muse of poetry and music; Thaelia, means “Festive” and she is the muse of comedy.  I don’t worship them but I honor what they mean and drew strength from what they represent at a time when my creative voice was at risk of suppression by trivial, controlling people who by their very nature attempt to squelch creativity.  This artwork reminds me that inspiration cannot be caged!


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