Happy 23rd Birthday, Corey!

Tomorrow, I will be delighted to wish our wonderful son another year of surprises and happiness, especially since his early years could have filled a book called “Adventures with Corey.”  He was filled with energy and curiosity, a sometimes potent combination that landed him in my journal pages dubbed with the title “Kamikaze Kid”:

“It is amazing to me how my adventuresome middle son of two is capable of movements that demonstrate his agility, strength, and coordination but within seconds he may stumble himself into the most peculiar predicaments.  How is it possible that the tarzan boy I caught swinging from the handle on the refrigerator door be the same boy who trips and falls running at break-neck speed several times a day?  He proves his strength by doing pull-ups on the kitchen counter to snitch a finger-full of butter, yet this is the same boy I rescued from an acrobatic back bend gone awry where getting his head stuck upside down in his baby sister’s walker barely phased him at all….He rises up and proceeds on his way, undaunted by his sudden twists of fate that often land him belly first in the dirt or left hanging upside down in a tree….I do believe in guardian angels and am convinced that my children all have one, I just hope they never fall asleep on the job….At times I think it will be remarkable, almost miraculous, if Corey will grow to adulthood without altering his life permanently from one of his kamikaze stunts gone awry.” 

Thank you, God and his guardian angel, for blessing our amazing son, who grew up after all into a handsome, creative, good-hearted, and intelligent man with a wacky sense of humor.  Yes, he still has a hankering for risks and adventures but  he is much more in control of his curious nature and boundless energy that have enabled him to create amazing sculptures, forge his unique path in the world, and follow his dreams.  He is an artist on his way to doing even more wonderful things, just wait and see! 


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