Draw Me Near, a song inspired by John 12:46: “I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.”

I have come, I have come, as Light into the world.

Believe in Me, believe in Me,

That you may not dwell in darkness.

Draw me near. Hold me here. Draw me near. Calm my fear.

In this quiet place, may I see Your Holy Face.

Ever in Your Light, turn my wrong to right.

Draw me near. Love me dear. Draw me near. Hold me here.

Let Your Light shine through, help me ever dwell in You.

May I learn to give, that I learn to live.

I have come, I have come, as Light into the world.

Believe in Me, believe in Me,

That you may not dwell in darkness.

I found strength and glimpses of light in a devotion that speaks of David, the great but humble psalmist, whose cries out for God came from the depths of his soul struggles, sins, and helplessness.  “David found himself in a lonely, dark cave at En Gedi.  He was hiding from King Saul, in fear for his life and pursued by thousands of his own countrymen.  How did David climb out from his soul’s dark hiding place?…In his grotto hiding place, David cried out to God for help, ‘Have mercy on me, O God’ (Psalm 57:1).  What a great place to start when we’re in a dark place.  Then, he wrote what he knew to be true about his God, saying, ‘God sends His love and faithfulness (verse 3)…Next, David verbalized his fears, saying, ‘I am in the midst of lions’ (verse 4).  Naming our fears can make our enemies seem smaller in the context of the Creator of the universe.  Finally, he relinquished his circumstances to God’s glory, saying ‘Be exalted, O God, above the heavens’ (verse 5)…This progression toward trusting God lit David’s way from a place of worry to one of worship; he chose to hide in the shadow of God’s wings, whether he lived in a cave or in a palace.  When King Saul came to En Gedi and entered the cave, David had the courage to do the right thing: He spared the life of the king God had anointed, and he sought reconciliation with Saul, even though it might mean death for him.

If you’re in the dark, follow David’s steps and walk toward the light: 1) Cry out for mercy. 2) Remember God’s love and faithfulness. 3) Verbalize your fears. 4) Pray that Gods’ will be accomplished in your life for His glory.  Then choose to worship God wherever you may be.” NIV Bible 

Draw me near, Lord.  Let me see and be Your Light.  This song was something I wrote many years ago when I was in a dark place and it is as true for me now as it was then.  I’d sing it for you but it sounds better in my head or in the shower!  Well, if my husband sings it, now that’s a different story! 


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