Trust Dreams…

This detail of a collage I called “In Search of the Muse,” from the Skirt Magazine collage series, is what is sometimes called in art therapy a “soul collage.”  In a soul collage the artist is creating a personal jigsaw puzzle of words and images that connect strongly to them.  In my own quest for creativity I know the importance dreams play in the imagery or words I am inspired to express.  I have always been curious about exploring the meaning of my dreams when I can remember them.  Most of the time the challenge is to get up and write the dreams down.  This curiosity with dreams echoes way back to graduate school and my training in art therapy which is deeply grounded in the work of Carl Jung, the renowned Swiss psychiatrist who is the father of analytical psychology.  His work on the unconscious and the symbolism of archetypes in dreams is a long-time interest that I have renewed in the past several years, not only as an art therapist but as a woman in mid-life going through many changes.  I am excited to attend a two-day dream workshop as a present to myself this week at a beautiful retreat center not too far from here.  I hope I will learn more about the meaning of dreams for my own journey as a woman and an artist to live a healthier life, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.       


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