Autumn Pleasures…

Fall is almost here, I know it is!  I can’t tell so much from the temperatures, which are now only slightly less than boiling in the south.  I can’t tell by the leaves on the trees, which are still the lushest greens that will never reach the vivid peaks of color I love in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Down here we go from green to golden yellow to brown before the leaves descend to become mulch.  But I can tell fall is coming by the changes in me!

There is enough merciful relief from the oppressive walls of humidity that have imprisoned me in the air-conditioned house, office, or car for the past SEVERAL months, that I find myself enjoying the rocking chair on the front porch at dusk again.  I almost feel like I’m IN the mountains with the sound of wind chimes and trickling water from the newly acquired stone fountain on the porch.  I close my eyes and I am there, thirsting for God in the mountains of Asheville, one of my favorite places.

This afternoon I had the sudden craving for spiced hot tea in my office at the end of the long day.  I’m sure I haven’t wanted this autumn pleasure I acquired since last winter.  The delicious spiced tea, kindly provided by the sweet wife of a co-worker, hit the spot along with the aroma from the newest packet of harvest spice sachets.  Golden yellow mums on the tables at last night’s banquet event have sparked my desire to pick up some baskets of mums of my own for the porch.  These simple autumn pleasures are merely igniting my appetite for more!

I’m ready for mini pumpkins and colorful gourds for the kitchen table, spiced candles, warm socks and real shoes instead of my worn-out sandals.  I can’t wait for a cold morning when I will need my thick chenille, deep blue bathrobe and fuzzy slippers (even with the slightly chewed hole in the toe from a naughty puppy, I love my midnight blue slippers!).  I look forward to sweater weather, hot chicken soup, and homemade chili on Halloween night.  Even though approaching autumn pleasures means the accompanying increased threat of hurricanes, I do not mourn the long, hot summer’s passing.  Ah, we humans are comfort creatures aren’t we?  I hope autumn pleasures inspire you too! 


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