Where My Treasure Is…

inspired by Matthew 6:21

“Where my treasure is there will my heart be,

by Your grace, O Lord, let my treasure be in You.

If my treasure is in power plays, my heart will be trapped in ego ways.

Let my treasure be in giving Love, for my heart of joy will soar above.

If my treasure is in outer things, my heart won’t hear God’s Voice as He sings.

Let my treasure be serenity, for my heart sings for eternity.

If my treasure is in my self will, my heart will not know how to be still.

Let my treasure be Christ’s Holy Light, for my heart will know peace day and night.

Where my treasure is there will my heart be,

By Your grace, O Lord, let my treasure be in You.”

In the quest for what really matters, I asked myself about what I treasure, what I value, what is the meaning of Life?  When these lyrics came to me my life was full of small children bringing me treasures every day!  …Dandelions and purple violets from the yard, feathers from a bird who narrowly escaped one of our dogs, caterpillars, shiny rocks, acorns, broken sand dollars and shark’s teeth from the beach, an empty blue robin’s egg fallen from its nest, the first orange-red fallen leaf of autumn.  Sometimes obstacles kept me from appreciating these daily offerings reminding me of the miracles of creation and I found those same obstacles present (and still do!) in regards to my spiritual life.  When I concentrate on the wrong things, I lose peace/serenity, the ability to love others, and Christ’s Holy Light dims within me and around me.  For me, those obstacles are power plays (my own and others’ can always be chalked up to ego), outer things (wanting materials things I don’t have and allowing their misguided ”importance” to dishearten me), and my self will (oh, this is such a big one still since it usually leads to anger, sin, and separation from God).  It is only by grace that we can know the greatest treasure, the gift of His unconditional Love… I ask you, where are your treasures and what are the obstacles that keep you from Christ? 


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