This pastel has traveled extensively…within my family.  It’s hard for me to believe I drew this thirty years ago.  I know because I just got a high school reunion letter in the mail this summer for the 30th reunion this autumn and I made this in my senior year.  For years it hung above the piano in my parent’s livingroom of the house they built and raised six children in Pa.; then it hung above the piano in their condo for a few years until my parents moved into an assisted living facility and there was no room for it.  Now it hangs in my livingroom in SC, a reminder of my dad who liked it so much.  But I also think of the three horses symbolizing my three children and the race through life we have been on together.  Of course, I didn’t know when I made it that I would have three children but that is the meaning I have attached to it through the years, appreciating their wild, free, and strong spirits – and I hope the splashes they make on their journeys in life will be as beautiful as they are!


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