Heartbeat of Heaven

Heartbeat of heaven, how can I hear…Your silent rhythm through ev’ry tear?

Heartbeat of heaven, open my ears…Your gentle rhythm quiets my fears.

Heartbeat of heaven, silence my care…be in the quiet pause of my prayer.

Heartbeat of heaven, I hear Your call…You are my comfort, I give You my all.

Heartbeat of heaven, beat in my heart…we are in rhythm in ev’ry part.

Heartbeat of heaven, pull my heartstrings…Your Love is pulsing in living things.

This is the beat of the Lord, feel His Heart pulse in the air.  His is the Voice of accord, come hear His song everywhere.

These are song lyrics I wrote many years ago inspired by a walk on the beach, one of many escape trips for solitude in the midst of raising children.  If there be any good that I do, know that it is because of Christ; and of course I don’t credit Him with the bad, I own it all and ask for His mercy, thankful for the gifts of grace that find me when I’m lost.   

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