“How can you live sweetly amid the vexatious things, the irritating things, the multitude of little worries and frets, which lie all along your way, and which you cannot evade?  You cannot at present change your surroundings.  Whatever kind of life you are to live, must be lived amid precisely the experiences in which you are now moving.  Here you must win your victories or suffer your defeats.  No restlessness or discontent can change your lot.  Others may have circumstances surrounding them, but here are yours.  You had better make up your mind to accept what you cannot alter.  You CAN live a beautiful life in the midst of your present circumstances.”   J.R.Miller

I don’t know who this guy is but I love this quote and it made me think of this picture from Folly Beach, SC, one of my favorite thinking spots.  Somehow sitting in the midst of all that driftwood makes me think of the vexatious things in my life, yet the beautiful sea endlessly smoothes the rough edges with the crash of every wave. 


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